Underwriting & Support

SCAC is excited to offer a unique model for those wishing to provide financial underwriting and support for special programming, local original show, media services, community resources, and our Dream Incubator Scholarship Fund.  

Your tax-deductible contributions enable SCAC to empower our region through exciting projects that bridge our youth with a variety of local organizations and institutions in dire need of professional media campaigns at a rate they can afford - FREE.  These projects are developed, produced and completed entirely by our youth teams, strengthening community through and giving our young people skills and training to change their world. 

SCAC is a non-commercial, non-profit media outlet, delivering compelling commercial-free programming, and providing the tools and resources needed to stay competitive in today's shrinking world.  With you generous support, you may select to be recognized across our three television broadcast channels, or choose any organization, business, or individual to donate your air-time to.